Nathan Jaye


Clips and Interviews

Browse clips and interviews of Jaye speaking on intelligence training, technology and leading by intuition.

The Visual Future

Jaye speaks @NAGDCA about the future of communication, images and stories. Topics include:

  • why we think faster visually
  • the end of writing

Deconstructing Genius

Jaye speaks about how we think about intelligence and genius. Key points include:

  • why our ideas about intelligence are vague
  • the 4 categories of genius
  • genius as a set of learnable skills

Apps, Mobile and Intuition

Interacting with technology is all about intution. Jaye highlights key ideas including:

  • why apps and mobile are based on intuition
  • the image-based culture of the future
  • thinking without thinking in tech

The A-Ha Moment

Jaye speaks about the unique role of intelligence for human beings. Main themes include:

  • moments of insight, vision and discovery
  • cultivation of these moments can change us
  • intelligence is key to being human

The Millennials

Jaye is interviewed by Jason Hartman on the American Monetary Association. Topics of the discussion include:

  • interfacing with the millennial generation
  • adaptation obstacles for the financial industry
  • Apple Pay and credit cards